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List All Installed Programs or Uninstall Programs On Your PC Using CMD

List All Installed Programs

This steps will show you How to List All Installed Programs on your PC using the command line interface.
Step 1: Firstly, open the  command prompt and simply type the following commands and hit enter

‘wmic product get name’

which after a little while will display all the programs you have installed on your pc.\
E.g. C:\>wmic product get name

NB:This will display all installed applications on your PC

To store the list of applications in a file called programs.txt, type

E.g. C:\>wmic product get name > programs.txt

(This will create a file in the current directory and name it programs.txt which will contain a list of all your applications).

This next process also come in handy if you want to uninstall program using the command line interface. You can perform this using the following command without the double quote and hit enter

“wmic product where ‘name like %NAMEOFAPP%’ call uninstall /nointeractive”
E.g. C:\>wmic product where product ‘name like Bluestacks’ call uninstall /nointeractive


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