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How To Make a Golden Crest Logo in Photoshop CS6

Creating a Golden crest logo with Adobe Photoshop can come in all manner of styles,

Vinay Vinay 1 Min Read

HowTo:Temporarily Lock Your PC when Someone enter wrong Password

Temporarily Lock Your PC when Someone enter wrong Password You can easily be on guard

Vinay Vinay 1 Min Read

Understanding Front End and Internet Basics + Environment Setup Lesson 1.1

After reading the Introduction, this is the follow up; In this lesson, we'll talk about introduction to front-end.

Vinay Vinay 3 Min Read

Upgrade/Migrate Windows Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012

Here is smooth tutorial on how to upgrade and migrate you Windows Server 2008 or

Vinay Vinay 2 Min Read

Mark Zuckerberg launches Jarvis, Your New Personal Assistant

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has launched his long anticipated Artificial Intelligence Program Called Jarvis, After

Vinay Vinay 2 Min Read

A Magnetic Tape Lets You Stay Organized and Productive Amid the Pandemic

Spending most of your time indoors can spell the difference between staying alive and winding

Vinay Vinay 4 Min Read

Intel to Launch Core i9 CPU with 12 cores (Beast Inside)

Intel hasn’t released anything particularly exciting in a while now. The Intel i7 (code-named Kaby

Vinay Vinay 3 Min Read

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How to Set Up a Virtual Machine

Using a virtual machine (VM) is an excellent way to run multiple operating systems (OS) on one physical computer. VMs

Vinay Vinay 7 Min Read

Recon for Pentesting using Python (Email Grabbing)

Performing reconnaissance for pentesting, specifically corporate email grabbing, is essential in assessing an organization's security posture. This process involves collecting

Vinay Vinay 2 Min Read

FIX: Outdated NPM packages (deprecated) in node JS project

Ranging from an ionic app, react native app, react or angular or any Node JS project. The warning message you

Vinay Vinay 2 Min Read

SVN Fix Trac Error: No node at revision WP Plugin

Enough of the SVN frustration. Let me get you sorted with this issue. If you are new to SVN (Subversion);

Vinay Vinay 2 Min Read

FIXED xcodebuild: Failed to load code for plug-in – Repeatedly Being Asked to Install Command Line Tools

Hey there, updating your MacOS Montery Xcode can be a pin in the a$$ especially when you got Xcode working

Vinay Vinay 1 Min Read

FIXED: Cloud Run – Failed to start and then listen on the port defined by the PORT

While deploying a web app like React, Angular or Node projects using Google cloud, you might come across this error

Vinay Vinay 1 Min Read

Deploy React App on Google Cloud with Cloud Run 2022

This write up shows you an easy way to get started and moving with Google cloud. I will be showing

Vinay Vinay 4 Min Read
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