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How To Blend Ghanaian Flag with an Image – Photoshop CS6

Learn how to Blend Ghanaian Flag with an Image in Photoshop CS6 Making a blend which look like the image above is quit easier that you think with Photoshop. This blend

Vinay Vinay

How to Set Up a Virtual Machine

Using a virtual machine (VM) is an excellent way to run multiple operating systems (OS)

Vinay Vinay

Recon for Pentesting using Python (Email Grabbing)

Performing reconnaissance for pentesting, specifically corporate email grabbing, is essential in assessing an organization's security

Vinay Vinay

FIX: Outdated NPM packages (deprecated) in node JS project

Ranging from an ionic app, react native app, react or angular or any Node JS

Vinay Vinay

SVN Fix Trac Error: No node at revision WP Plugin

Enough of the SVN frustration. Let me get you sorted with this issue. If you

Vinay Vinay

FIXED xcodebuild: Failed to load code for plug-in – Repeatedly Being Asked to Install Command Line Tools

Hey there, updating your MacOS Montery Xcode can be a pin in the a$$ especially

Vinay Vinay

FIXED: Cloud Run – Failed to start and then listen on the port defined by the PORT

While deploying a web app like React, Angular or Node projects using Google cloud, you

Vinay Vinay