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Is it Time to Make a Stand Against Threats to Cyber Security?

Is it Time to Make a Stand Against Threats to Cyber Security? 

Cyber threats are out there, and yet not every company is worried about the impact it could have on their performance, output, and of course, funds.

Cyber attacks are defined as an attempt made by an individual or a group of hackers to damage a network or system. These threats are not limited to companies as even private individuals can be subjected to this torment.

Hackers have various motives as to why they would commit such a crime. There are groups out for personal grievances against a company. Then, there are other groups gunning for a certain company to simply send a message.

Perhaps the most common motive behind attacks is money. Where there are big companies, there is a big money to be had or in this case, stolen or extorted. A lot of attacks online are geared towards making a profit, and a common one directed at big companies is Ransomware.

Ransomware is a form of cyber attack initiated by a software that can block a target’s server or assets until a sum is paid. In most cases, hackers give the target a deadline, which if not met, will result in irrecoverable losses.

A famous Ransomware case was 2017’s WannaCry attack. One of history’s most widespread Ransomware case resulted in over 230,000 infected computers across 150 countries. The people behind WannaCry demanded $300 worth of Bitcoin from its victims. The attack affected a lot of companies, including global brands such as FedEx, Renault, and Honda. There were also several government bodies that fell victim to it, including parts of the British National Health Service.

The truth of the matter is, Ransomware is only a part of what’s waiting for small and big companies. There are many other forms of attacks and data breaches, and many other hackers out there.

In essence, cyber attacks are not an attack on a company. It’s an attack on its vulnerabilities, which could be covered by cyber security.

Cyber security issues are still a pressing matter. In fact, it has grown worse as attacks have become more calculated. TechJury has the scoop on cyber security statistics this 2019.

Cyber Security Stats – Infographic


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