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My 2019 in Review

My 2019 in Review 

Bringing smile to anyone I come in contact with as always been my dream and will continue to be. Below is a little story on how my 2019 went – and of cause, the reason it as been a slow article year. My last article was this post.

Quick one: I met the Vice President of Microsoft and Github CEO Nat Friedman with his Assistant 🙂

Quick Two: I also meet the Co-Founder an President of Andela Christina Sass. 😀

LR; Vincent, Frank, Christina, and Ewere

1st Quarter: Jan – Mar

Vincent and wonderful network Engineers

From leaving my Full-time Job as an IT Tutor at NIIT where i worked as a Server Administrator to becoming a Software Engineer at Bitnob; a lot has happened to me in terms of growth and development as compared to my previous years of existence as a human being.

2nd Quarter: Apr – Jun

I arrived Nigeria from Ghana and gracefully hopped into the Andela Bootcamp Program which strengthened my programming skills by infusing the “world-class” way to building computer products in 3 weeks on the first try – Fast forward to June, I became an Andelan

3rd Quarter: Jul – Sept

While i was an Andelan, I worked with amazing group of Software Developers creating great products, some of which were.

  • Hello Books: A web app built with the PERN Stack for Library management
  • Authors Haven
    : A web app build with the PERN stack for author or writers to post or share their article with the world
  • Companion App: A mobile and web app built using React Native, Node, Python, GraphQL for meeting rooms management

4th Quarter: Oct – Dec

4 Months down the line, Andela underwent a new development which led about 400 staffs out to the job market up for grabs. Lo-and-behold, I was affected 🙁 just as my colleagues then were too. Cutting the long story short, next day after exciting Andela. Bitnob

gave me an entrance, shouts to my friend Tolumide who introduced me to Bitnob.

Moving on, i found myself working with amazing software developers, and designers at Bitnob. Bitnob as a Crypto-currency and Financial outfit gives me the long awaited opportunity to work with bitcoins and Crypto-currencies in general, with other amazing products under the belt of my company Bitnob, Antcorp is one to anticipate which is under beta version on Play-store and Apple Store at the moment. 2020 is going to be a revealing year for what i and my team has been working on.

Peep the wonderful Bitnob devs below;


FM App: This is an app I made for a client, the app automates the process of facility management. It allows a user to request for a service, Pay for service, monitor the service and keep records of his/her transactions, while the admin also as its duties.


  • Andela awarded a Full-Stack Python Nano degree worth $1,500 as part of the send off package which i perceived as an award for good job done 🙂
  • Intel and Udacity awarded me a “Intel AI Edge Scholarship” which means i’m also on my way to becoming an AI Engineer. All i can say is God’s Grace

In Conclusion

I believe there is nothing like small wins, so therefore i appreciate myself and hope you do the same. Furthermore, I believe 2020 will be greater and better with more innovations and developments


  • Victoria Offoma
  • Bran Stack
  • Miss Ating
  • Bernard Parah
  • Tolumide Shopein
  • Marvin Ogah
  • David
  • Menin
  • KoofNG
  • Kelvin
  • Kati Fratz
  • Frank Obi
  • Samuel
  • Ewere
  • Hamzah

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