Darknet is an overlay network that can only be accessed using specific software configurations and authorization.

It is a part of the Deep Web, because it’s contents are not accessible throught search engines.

But it is something more, It is anonymous. It hosts anonymous websites, beacause you wouldn’t know who the owner of the website is, unless he/she explicitly reveals his information.

It offers full anonymity to users to.

Darknet anonymity is usually achieved using an ‘onion network’. You might wonder How?.

For example; take a look at an onion, i am sure you have cut an onion once in your lifetime and you had been crazy about the number of layers it has, same happens when you use an onion network.

There are numbers of encryption layers that hide your true identity.


Use of DarkNet

Now that you know what DarkNet is, why should you use it?

Reasons should be;

To better protect the privacy right if citizens from targeted and mass surveillance

Whistleblowing and news leaks

Hacking and Computer Crime. Maybe, you may want to chat with most dangerous hackers.

Also, sale of restricted goods and file sharing


How to Access DarkNet?

The most popuplar way to access the DarkNet is Using the TOR Browser.

Technically, TOR stands for the ‘The Onion Router’ and it is as simple as installing a new browser.

After that you would need a URL or directory that contains URLs to different websites or class of websites so that you know what to type into the browser’s address bar.

You can easily get URLs in Onion Directory of Darknet at LINK  or just google DarknetSites

NOTE: Make sure you are using TOR Browser


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