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Comptia A+ (Hardware) Acronyms Test – Level 2
acronyms test

Comptia A+ (Hardware) Acronyms Test – Level 2 

Welcome to the CompTIA A+ Acronyms practice test (Level 2). You Must have gone through the Level 1

 . Go ahead and try you knowledge on the Level 2.

Trying out this test will build your technical and theoretical skills in your line of study.

Note: Pass mark is 70%.

Good Luck 🙂


Congratulations! You have passed the test. You have a sound knowledge!

Failed… Do not give up. You can try again

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#1. What does Acronym ‘AGP’ Stand for? ? Select the right answer

Nice try… Do not give up. Keep going

#2. What does Acronym ‘CMOS’ Stand for?

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