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How To Access Computer’s Hard-drive with Your Smartphone
How To, Tips and Tricks

How To Access Computer’s Hard-drive with Your Smartphone 

Yes, you can access your computer’s hard drive with your smartphone in a few steps

For this, you don’t have to download or install any big software on your PC or smartphone

Your Android file explorer can do the task easily

The good thing with this tutorial is that you can copy and past big files, software,and other things easily to your phone at high speed.

Let’s take a look at how this works;

To make this trick work, you should be connected to the same network (Wi-Fi)

Follow the steps

Create Your  Mobile Hot Spot Network or Join your  PC and Phone to same network

Step 1  – Go to Settings > Tethering/ Portable Hotspot > Setup WiFi Hotpot 

Step 2 – Specify your Network name and Password

Step 3 – After clicking ‘Save’, you Tap on ‘Portable WiFi hotspot to turn on the network. Then we go ahead and connect from our PC.

Step 4 – Go to the PC and connect to your network.

Step 5 – Now, go to search and type. ‘Manage Advanced sharing settings’ 

Step 6 – From the ‘Advance sharing window, Select the ‘Turn on network discovery’ abd Turn on file and printing sharing’ as shown below

Step 7 – Now we need to locate the folder we want to share or create a folder to share, and right-click on the folder and select ‘Properties’


Step 8 – Now, switch to ‘Sharing’ tab and select ‘Advanced Sharing’


Step 9 – From the ‘Advanced Sharing’ click permission to specify the required permissions


Step 10 – From here select ‘Everyone’ and tick ‘Change’ and ‘Read’


Step 11 – Now we need to know the IP Address of the Computer, so go to Command Prompt and type ‘arp -a’, my IP address is


Step 13 – In other to access from hard dive with smartphone, open CX File Explorer. Now click on the ‘Network tab’ then click on Remote

Step 14 – Now Select ‘Local Network’

Step 15 – Here, we need to click on the ‘Manual Input’ button to setup the network.


Step 16 – Now specify the Host IP ( we got earlier, your PC username and password and click OK


Step 17 – Finally, here you will find all the items in your shared folder. You can tap and hold to copy or cut any folder to your smartphone.

I performs copy action and achieved nearly 5Mbps speed.


There you will see the shared folder.

Watch the video below;

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    Wow thank you God bless you

    1. Vinay

      Am glad it helped. You are welcome Wisdom. Amen!

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