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How to Charge for Designing a Website or App
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How to Charge for Designing a Website or App 

You can be the best talent out there, or worst talent when it comes to web development or mobile app development, but when it comes to making your money there should be only one good way to go about it. Continue reading to learn how to charge for designing a website or mobile app.

In this article, i will open your mind to some good practice when charging for a website project.

It works for me since i learned about it. I believe it will work for you too. Most successful developers do the following to avoid undercharging for a website. I advise you to do same

  1. Position yourself as an expert and not a commodity Write a winning proposal
  2. Bundle your Service
  3. You should over deliver and add value to your clients
  4. You should charge a premium price, even though you know they can get it done cheaper by someone else.

Next. What are you Selling?

A Marketing solution to grow the Business: You should have a mindset of helping the business to grow and not just creating a website to get your money or add to your experience. Sell the Outcome, not the product.

Next. Have at least 3 Pricing Options

What package would you like? $250, $550, $1050 ?

According to the most psycological studies on pricing, only a few people choose the cheapest option and it’s no different when offering your service

In conclusion

Figure out the charge for designing a website and how much the site is worth to the business and charge accordingly – not based on hours it will take you.

  1. Find out how much the average product/service sells for
  2. Find out how many products/services they sell each month

For example, lets say a cake making business sells 10 cakes at $2,000 each per month

If you see potential to increase sale by 30% with website and marketing improvements, that means an extra 3 sales per month valued at $6,000

Then use the potential sale value over a year to price anchor your fee

Example: $72,000 in potential sales increase.Therefore charging a minimum of $5,000 is a no brainier

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