Web development is undeniably one of the top careers in the world today, and choosing to partake in this piece, will undeniably be one of the top decisions you’ll probably ever take.

According to my research, new web programmers, developers and designers mostly use the drag and drop web development tools (This is actually cool to use). But, the problem is, as a webmaster, you should also have technical knowledge of the actual technologies that are used to create websites or web systems so as to be able to troubleshoot your web systems when they encounter one or two technical problems. Deciding to take this course, gives you flexibility on creating your website however you want it to look and operate.

To move forward, this course will come in several lessons and of different modules. No scares! because we will start and finish together.

Advantages of Taking this Course on VTB

  1. Every partaker will be able to use modern technologies to design websites from scratch
  2. It’s absolutely free
  3. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  4. You have opportunity to meet other developers here online
  5. You will be able to develop mobile, web, IoT, AI, and other applications
  6. You will be able to host your app online for free (also we’ll see how to host using paid services)
  7. You’ll get yourself a good paying job or be your own boss


  1. Requires maximum dedication and time


Technologies used, and what you will learn

  1. We’ll use HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON PHP/MySQL, and AngularJS
  2. You’ll learn to create you own website from scratch, about you business
  3. You’ll learn to host your website online
  4. You’ll get access to the source codes used
  5. You’ll have practice questions and real world projects to undertake
  6. You’ll learn about SEO Optimization


Required Resources

  1. A Laptop or Desktop computer
  2. Internet Access
  3. Development software (This will be provide from me)


How to get succeeding lessons

You should subscribe to updates, on (Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter)

Watch out for the first lesson!

Meanwhile: How to add an Application to the Right-Click Menu of Your Desktop


Lead software engineer with over 5 years in development and 7+ years in network engineering. Recognised educator, substantial online presence, and MSc. Cybersecurity from the University of Derby, UK, BSc. Information Technology from UEW Ghana, and a Higher Diploma in Network Engineering from NIIT India.

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