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SOLVED: How To Remove Write Protected From USB – Pen Drives & HDD
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SOLVED: How To Remove Write Protected From USB – Pen Drives & HDD 

You might have been going through some tough time trying to fix your write protected dive. Here is final destination for the solution.

This post basically shows us how to remove write protection for our pen drives or flash drive like some call it, and all hard drives.

Write-protected drives are locked; users can’t delete or change the files on a write-protected pen drive or hard drive, nor can they format the device. If you attempt to modify a device that’s been write-protected, a message such as “This Disk Is Write-Protected. Remove the Write-Protection or Use Another Disk”

 will appear.

Disk-related errors can be a huge source of frustration for a business, particularly if the drive contains critical files or backup data, but you can easily disable write-protection via command line to re-enable access to the drive.

Step 1
Click Start. Type “cmd” into the search box. Press “Enter” to load the Command Prompt.

Step 2
Type:“diskpart” into the command-line program and then press “Enter” to run DiskPart.

Step 3
Execute the following command to see the list of available volumes on the PC:
“list disk”

Step 4
select disk <#>
and replace “<#>” with the number assigned to the target hard drive. Press “Enter.”

Step 5
Execute the following command to turn off write-protection:
attributes disk clear readonly

This would fix your drive. Please if it worked for you comment, like, share 🙂


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1 Comment

  1. Zachary

    Hi team,
    Tried it on portable hard drive, it still no solution. It failed!

    If you’ve any other solution, then do it.

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