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Computer Shortcuts Tricks You Must Know
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Computer Shortcuts Tricks You Must Know 

This will help you use the computer in a more smart way. Using the shortcut key to manipulate the computer shortcuts is not as difficult as you think it is.

By learning some of the shortcut tricks i have below, you should be quiet comfortable with shortcuts on the computer system.


Ctrl + Shift + T: Opens an accidentally closed tab in your browser

Ctrl + W: Closes your currently selected browser tab

Windows Key + L: Helps to log off you computer
Ctrl + Backspace: Clears a word  in MS Word. Note: It clears starting from where the caser is.

Ctrl + H: Opens the history tab
F2: Helps to rename selected file or folder
Holding Shift prevents autorun
Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End: Useful for quickly going to the top and bottom of a page.
Ctrl + Tab: Helps to switch tabs  based on the selected tab
Ctrl+F5: Clears the cache and refreshes the current tab.
Alt+Double click: Open the file’s properties. Alt+Enter can also be used for this.

Alt+Enter: after writing the domain name in the address bar of your browser to insert .com automatically.
Ctrl + Up: or Down arrow takes you up or don of the a current browser page

The Computer shortcuts you should know is list above

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  3. My Plango

    This is great. I will definitely follow all these tricks!

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