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SOLVED: MySQL Error – Cannot Connect, Invalid Settings
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SOLVED: MySQL Error – Cannot Connect, Invalid Settings 

Calm down friend. We are about to solve the MySQL Error problem together

Usually when you install XAMPP for the first time or so, you are told that you server is not secured give a password to your server user.


Then you switch to the Users tab and and gave the “root” user a password. (E.g. you gave a password of ‘pa$$word’.

However, after that – you this error when you refreshed the page

mysql error


You need to access the “” file at C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin and jump to step 4 to continue or follow the process below;


Step 1 – Open XAMPP Control Panel

Step 2 –  Click on the ‘Config’ button of the XAMPP Control panel

mysql error fix xampp


Step 3 –  On the dropdown, Select “phpMyAdmin (”

config inc php

Step 4 –  The notepad file opens “place your password you gave at the password section”

See image below. Mine was ‘pa$$word’


Step 5 – Save and refresh your MySQL server again.


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  1. Scarlet

    Sir, i had standalone mysql , sqlite installed in my pc.i uninstalled everything..i font remember the password i gave when i used to work with them.. Im new to xampp. What kind of password im supposed to change? I mean from where i will get the password?

  2. arun

    Thanks it’s Really working fine.

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