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Featured: Note 8 vs Note 9

Featured: Note 8 vs Note 9 

The Galaxy Note series of phones have proven to be massively popular among Samsung fans, and now they have added the Galaxy Note 9 to the lineup. Aside from the fact that this has come in at the top end of the budget for mobile phones, the biggest question on most people’s lips is what exactly the difference is. Of course, people are keen to upgrade so naturally want to know what has happened regarding technology advances, so Fonehouse has put together this useful comparison guide.

The S Pen

To be fair, the Note wouldn’t be the Note without the inclusion of the S Pen. It is one of the things that diehard users love, and it just got a huge lift. The S Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 has gone Bluetooth which gives it a whole life of its own. Now, not only do you have the useful screen style but in effect, you also have a remote control. The S Pen can now act as a camera remote control, it can start music and video, and it is fantastic as a presentation aid as that all-important discrete clicker for moving slides on.

note 8 vs note 9

Storage Sizes

The Galaxy Note 9 is the first handset to offer a whopping 1TB of storage if you plump for the bigger phone. There are two handset versions available, the 128GB and the 512GB which will cost you more. But then if you take advantage of the expansion Micro SD slot, you can add a card up to 512GB which gives you the hugely impressive 1TB of storage with the 512GB handset option. This is compared to the capped 256GB of the Galaxy Note 8. While this is seriously impressive, it is a lot of money to spend if you really will never use this capacity and the 128GB with extra SD card space might well be more than enough.

The Battery

The battery is another massive change for the Galaxy Note 9. In the Galaxy Note 8, the battery was a 3300mAh, whereas the Note 9 takes a huge leap up to a 4000mAh battery and is one of the biggest batteries on the market.

Colour Choices

If looks play a part in your phone choices, you will be pleased to hear that the Galaxy Note 9 offers a range of colours, which are colours we have seen before from Samsung except for the blue handset which for some reason features a bright yellow S Pen. Other colours include lilac, silver and black. A brown version has been released in the US but is not being released in the UK.

The Similarities

Aside from the rear fingerprint scanner moving to the more natural grip location of the Samsung Galaxy S9 below the camera, the Note 8 and Note 9 have a similar feature set. Both of the handsets offer wireless charging and fast charging as standard. The camera performance is similar although the lens has moved a little bit, it doesn’t give any difference to the user experience. Both of the screens feature Super AMOLED and the QUAD HD+ resolution that we have seen before from Samsung.

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