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How to Downgrade Flutter Version – FIXED
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How to Downgrade Flutter Version – FIXED 

Learn how to downgrade your flutter version to a lower version, in this article we will reduce the flutter version to use version 2.0.5 or less on Mac or Linux.

Furthermore, your might have probably wandered around the internet trying to figure how to downgrade your flutter SDK version.

Reason to Downgrade/ Possible Causes;

Maybe you are onboarding unto a new codebase and you installed flutter’s latest version unknowingly that the team uses version 2.0.5 or less.

Maybe you updated your flutter version because you where notified, then your app could not run anymore due to an error related to the new upgrade.

4 Steps to Downgrade

1. Type which flutter

This will display the flutter repository path on your local system.

2. Switch to it, type cd /Users/your-username/Documents/flutter/bin

3. Type git checkout 2.0.5

This will switch to the previous flutter version called 2.0.5 as the branch name

4. Type flutter version

This will identify the active flutter version we just set and attempt to download it.

Finally type flutter doctor

We are good.

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