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Next Generation: Checkout the self-cleaning shirt Which remove stains and bad odors

Next Generation: Checkout the self-cleaning shirt Which remove stains and bad odors 

Amsterdam-based fashion startup Labfresh are on the trail of blowing your mind away with its new initiative of a self cleaning shirt.

Generally i suppose, using a white shirt comes with believe of immediate laundry after use. Due to this most people prefered a colored shirt. Anyway, i strongly believe that after reading this insight, a change of mind is certain.

In an exclusive meetup with TNW

Co-founder Lotte Vink visited the office to showcase their product – and she brought along a bottle of red wine for a quick demonstration.

self cleaning shirt.

Without any hesitation, Vink opened the bottle and confidently proceeded to pour wine all over the shirt. Unlike regular textiles, the liquid didn’t instantly sink into the fabric; instead, it rolled right off the shirt, leaving a few drops of wine that quickly rinsed off once water was applied.

Then she did it again and again, and the result stayed the same: The wine simply washed off the shirt, leaving no stains whatsoever.

To accomplish this effect, Labfresh uses a patented technology that “enables cotton fibers to repel water, oil and bacteria,” Vink explained. “This means you can spill red wine on your shirt or run a marathon in it, without needing to wash it afterwards.”

Vink told me that in addition to this, the shirt is also odor-proof, wrinkle-resistant, fully breathable and quick to dry out. Then she left the shirt to me to experiment with and asked me to get back to her with some feedback once I’ve had a chance to wear it for a few days.



“We are not adding a coating, which means we keep the premium feeling of the fabric instead of making it feel like a raincoat. This is much harder to do than to make something 100% hydrophobic [which is the technology the previously mentioned companies rely on],” Vink further added.

Support Labfresh

Labfresh just launched its Kickstarter campaign where you can check out how the textile actually works and find more details about the fabric. You can also pre-order one of its self-cleaning shirts for €99 (approximately $103), before it eventually retails at €119 (approximately $125).

If the crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal, Labfresh has plans to expand its range of products with new models and additional colors in the near future.

At €99 (and €119 later at retail), the Labfresh shirt is by no means cheap. But there’s a particular sense of comfort in wearing a piece of clothing that you don’t have to constantly worry about getting dirty and stinky – a luxury I personally find myself willing to pay for.

Head to this page to support Labfresh on Kickstarter

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