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Our Nomination for Tech & Gadget Blog Awards 2017 – Let’s Vote!

Our Nomination for Tech & Gadget Blog Awards 2017 – Let’s Vote! 

Amazingly, by God’s grace, we have been nominated. Winning this award will be an achievement for all viewers and users of VTB including the new users. Am working on some new material which will be available soon. First let’s win this award guys.

How To Vote?

You will find the image with a text written on it saying “Visit – Learn – Explore”   after clicking the link ( Scroll down on after visiting the link to see image.

Visit  Tech & Gadget Blog Awards 2017 Link  and click vote on the image with the caption “Visit – Learn – Explore”

See Brand Logo Below

That’s all. After voting just notify me here in the comment box below this post. Let’s Go!

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  1. Seyram Hope

    voting done successfully… inspired …we wining this

    1. Vinay

      Great Seyram. Let’s win!

  2. caleb blessing gaba

    I really want to learn more

    1. Vinay

      You are on the right place on the web to learn tech! Just subscribe!


    Vote done brother…all the best ahead ,Oluwah is involved

    1. Vinay

      Thanks….Oluwa is Involved!! One Love!

  4. Ebenezer Dadzie

    The vote went through
    Thumbs up for the good work

    1. Vinay

      Thanks Dadzie. Bless!

  5. Jozy

    Great Foundation

    1. Vinay

      Thanks Jozy! The best is yet to come!

  6. adolf bondzie

    i just voted ooo, good luck

    1. Vinay

      Great Adolf! Hope for glory!

  7. fred

    Vote casted ooo but we still dey 5% ,hmm it shall well

    1. Vinay

      Thanks… Fred!! More to come hopefully…

  8. OKELUE Juliet

    U will win my dear

    1. Vinay

      Thank you much… Let’s win…

  9. Marian

    Good work. Keep going higher

    1. Vinay

      Thanks Marian. God bless you…

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