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5 Steps to make over $1000 weekly on YouTube
Tips and Tricks

5 Steps to make over $1000 weekly on YouTube 

Wondering How?

Read this: YouTube does what is known as Affiliate Marketing for YouTube Channel owners.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

YouTube finds a product related to what your channel is about, promote it to others, and pay you a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

A lot of YouTube users today even make more that a thousand dollars weekly.

The 5 Steps to take

1. Calm down: You really need to calm yourself down and stop thinking of being the next millionaire already 🙂 . Give it a second thought, because it requires time and dedication. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Am i ready to go public?
  • Am i creative?
  • Will i get a computer and frequent Internet?

If your answers are closer to being Yes! Then continue.


2. Choose what you like doing best:

Are you a gamer, dancer, singer, writer, comedian, footballer, reviewer or equipped with a specific knowledge and want to teach others? Then get your skills together, start thinking and acting creative. Put down points on what you want to share.

3. Write your script: After choosing your specialty, write out your activities and all you need to get started. For example, If you were a dancer.

  • Prepare you music choices
  • Prepare your dance moves
  • Be flexible
  • and continue writing…

4. Start making Videos: Get your camera. Note: make sure your it is of High quality, minimum quality should be 480p. You can use a digital camera, an iPhone camera or any other quality mobile camera. Make as many videos as you wish and upload at list once a week or daily if you’ve got enough.

5.Inform YouTube that you are ready to make $$$: Now under the Money section of your YouTube panel, you can request for affiliation and wait for a response with 3 working days. Note: You income grows as your views, likes and subscription grows. 😀

In case you need support, feel free to ask specifically in the comment section below;

or Ask a Question on Our Forum

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