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Facebook Launches 360-degree Video (Have a Look)

Facebook Launches 360-degree Video (Have a Look) 

Just as innovative as the 360-degree Photo, Facebook has officially launched it’s 360-gree video.  The video, when taken, spans across the entire environment you are located.

Now you’re ready to upload your 360 Video to Facebook. It’s just like uploading any Facebook video. Also, note that Facebook limits 360 Videos to 10 minutes length and a maximum size of 1.75 GB.

3 Hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg posted a sample 360-degree video with the message, 

“When I was a baby and took my first steps, my mom wrote the date in a baby book. When my sister’s children took their first steps, she recorded it with photos and videos. When Max started walking, I wanted to capture the whole scene with a 360 video so our friends and family can feel like they’re right there with us. Here it is!”

Watch the Facebook 360-degree Video below

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