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Works 100% – Change or Remove Windows Password
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Works 100% – Change or Remove Windows Password 

Change or Remove Windows Password

Changing windows password can come in handy when you lose or forgot your current password to log into your PC

To start, we’ll need to know a file called “sethc.exe” which exists in the c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe. It is the setup file to open the Windows Sticky Key program.

Furthermore, the sticky key can be activated when you press the Shift key 5 times.

Also, the cmd.exe file which is used to open the Command prompt program exists in the c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

There for we’ll need to copy the content of the cmd.exe into the sethc.exe (Note: the name of the file will still remain sethc.exe)

Also, you should know the username of the password you want to change or remove.

Then we are good to go:

Copying the Command Prompt(cmd.exe) into Sticky Key (sethc.exe)

Get a windows bootable media. See how to make one

Step 1 – Boot into your windows installation media, from the Start Installation screen (DO NOT start installation) just press Shift+F10

Step 2 – The command prompt pop up. Type Diskpart (To help us detect the drive C)

Step 3 – Type list volumes

Step 4 – Identify the volume without a label name, that is your drive C: where windows is installed (Anyway, mine is C:)

Step 5 – type quit, and change drive to c: (Type c:)

Step 6 – (To know the user account, type cd Users)

Step 7 – Type dir, (this will show you the list of active user accounts on the PC)

Step 8 – Type cd C:\

Step 9 – Type Cd c:\windows\sytem32\

Step 10 – Type copy sethc.exe c:\ (Note to back up the Sticky key setup)

Step 11 – Type copy cmd.exe sethc.exe (press y to confirm the overwrite)

Step 12 – Restart your PC

Step 13 – Load windows to the log on screen and tap Shift key 5 times (The cmd will pop up)

Step 14 – Type “net user username newpassword” (Now use the new password to log on)

E.g net user ben password@1 (Here the “password@1” will be the new password for the user ben

You are done.

How to Prevent your PC from being attacked this way?

Log on to windows 10 with your Microsoft Mail Account and you are save.

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